FIT LIFE is a top private personal training boutique studio in Barrington IL which is owned and operated by Lindy Burckle. I  approach my clients as individuals, to develop customized and progressive programs based on the top teachings in the industry to achieve real results.
My goal in creating FIT LIFE, has been to bridge the gap between the work of doctors, physical therapists and nutritionists with the skills and knowledge of a qualified exercise specialist. It is this collaboration that allows me to offer an unprecedented level of service with professionalism, consistency and distinction.
Understanding what is needed to achieve results comes from over 15 years of being a coach, post rehab specialist, and golf fitness professional. FIT LIFE provides fun, motivating, challenging and goal-oriented personal training services to ALL ages that are customized to meet the needs of each individual. My extensive knowledge of health, fitness, and nutrition, and my positive outlook, brings out the best in my clients.  With hundreds of success stories and lives that have been changed for the better.
My mission is to encourage clients to stop exercising and start training. Training is a commitment to purposeful well being for the long term.

Melinda Burckle

Owner of Fit Life

Master Trainer

Certified Titleist Golf Fitness Professional