Golf Conditioning

What Is It?


Golf conditioning isn’t about looking like a bodybuilder or the best player on Tour. It’s about being fit to play the game at an individual’s highest level and doing so without causing injury. It’s about understanding how a body’s limitations can influence the golf swing and how to address those limitations through the proper channels; whether it’s through swing instruction, physical rehabilitation or strength and conditioning exercise. It’s about understanding the latest technology and how that technology can be implemented to increase performance.

Why Choose Professional Golf Conditioning?

Individualized Care – Each golfer varies in flexibility, strength, joint mobility, balance and neuromuscular control.  Specific exercises will be performed to your particular physical needs.

Experience – Pro golf conditioning trainers have extensive experience in golf related injuries and golf enhancement. They focus on bio-mechanics to correct movement dysfunction and prevent it from reoccurring.  Lindy is Titleist Pro Golf Conditioning Certified and plays the game herself.

Expertise – The focus is on bio-mechanical evaluation and treatment of the golf swing and includes total body conditioning to prepare the golfer for a long healthy golf career.